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Loopable WAVS and OGGS
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Compositions and Music CDs
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MIDI Files

If you have an EAX soundcard, try my EA2 EAX Soundcard reverb effect or AUP EAX Soundcard reverb effect when recommended, or for RX users, RX AUP EAX Soundcard reverb effect. To install either in a SoundBlaster Live environment, launch EAX Control Panel, and click the button marked here:-

SoundBlaster Live EAX Control Panel Screen

The old version of SBLive will prompt for an .eax or .ea2 file. The new version of SBLive will prompt for an .aup file. Once imported, either will create an immersive reverb environment, which should now appear listed on the Audio Effects pull-down menu, as shown in the picture above. Once installed and selected as depicted, playing one of the MIDI tracks that recommend the effect's use, will give the track its dues.

You can also try out my even more intense reverb echo effect called mjechoreverb150bpm.ea2

For those with the later versions of the AudioHQ software, you can try the reverb echo effect called MJ Special Reverb.Aup

If you want a free Evolution MIDI sequencer, try the 764K fully-functional freebie

MJDuo1 Size 77K - Seq-303 trance (SoundBlaster Live reverb effect)

MJDuo2 Size 66K - Seq-303 trance (SoundBlaster Live reverb effect)

3 pianos Size 102K - Seq-303 composition best played with a 343 millisecond slap-back echo

Experi1 Size 28K - Seq-303 How I love you - See the Great Downloads section

MJA2 Size 10.4K - Evolution MIDI is excellent, and I am weird

MJREG1 Size 747 - Evolution MIDI, needs to be looped

MJTR1 Size 92K - SEQ303 trance

MJSAD2 Size 529 - Evolution MIDI + SEQ303, needs to be looped

MJREG5 Size 893 - Evolution MIDI, needs to be looped

GLOCKS Size 42K - SEQ303 trance composition

MJ9 Size 934 - Evolution MIDI, needs to be looped

MJ1N Size 870 - Evolution MIDI, needs to be looped

MJ5N Size 1244 - Evolution MIDI, needs to be looped

MJ1MJ5 Size 3738 - Evolution MIDI, needs to be looped

MJ2DEM Size 69K - SEQ303 trance stuff

MJHLP3 Size 1415 - Evolution MIDI and SEQ303, needs to be looped

6 pianos Size 37K - SEQ303 trance in Steve Reich style

Staged Size 23K - SEQ303 trance in sections

Treatment treat Size 51K - SEQ303 slow development trance best played with a 343 millisecond slap-back echo

Project 3 Size 48K and a development of it, Project 8 Size 65K - SEQ303 trance, best with the EAX Sound Effect

Harmonics galore with plaby.mid, best with my SoundBlaster Live reverb effect

Coreall Size 62K - SEQ303 trance, plus an amazing stint on filter cut-off points in Effort Size 63K, best with my SoundBlaster Live reverb effect
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Loopable WAV & OGG Files

Bill Hicks has some brilliant common sense views on marijuana. Click Here to hear a 470KB MP3 file from the CD "Relentless"

I had a Korg MS10 synthesiser which I used on a WEM Copicat Tape Loop machine to get this. This is from 1988 when analogue was all I knew. The sound quality is very analogue, as this is a WEM Copicat recording! If you have GoldWave as your standard WAV file player, you can experiment with different loop speed settings. Play it loud and forever
These should be looped to allow the ethereal feel to sink in.

Having collared a free Dance E-Jay CD off a pack of Golden Nuggets, I created this track called Higgledy (1.6M), date 17th July 2003.

Instant Rave tracks. Simply loop one of these for an all-night rave/skank up.

A classic sequence in the style of Tangerine Dream done on my Korg circa 1987 :-
MJStudios Rockin' WAV (2M) or MJStudios Rockin' OGG
MJ Mix of a rave classic (very loopable) (283K)
Green Rave WAV (29K) or Green Rave OGG
Slammin' WAV (591K) or Slammin' OGG
Golden WAV (300K) or Golden OGG
Perpetual 1 OGG
Perpetual 2 OGG
Perpetual 3 OGG
Perpetual 4 OGG
Perpetual 5 OGG
Set me free (312K)
Perpetual 7 WAV (517K) or Perpetual 7 OGG
Perpetual 8 OGG (40K)
Perpetual 9 OGG (70K)
Perpetual 10 WAV (574K)
Perpetual 11 OGG (82K)
Perpetual 11's sister (kidnapped by the SB1024 Live!) (157K)
Public Enemy OGG MJ Mix (223K)
Public Enemy Fight the Power OGG Loop (Elvis - ha ha ha) (241K)
Perpetual 12 OGG (81K)
MJ Beat 4 (29K)
Futile Desperation (66K)
Rare and Modern (1.4M)
Brazilian Drumming (934K)
Smoking Ganja loop (Artists unknown) (472K)
Pere Ubu snippet loop (boy, I love this) (64K)
Peter Baumann snippet loop (48K)
A take from a sketch on the Jack Berry show (39K)
Section of Jam (Channel 4 esoteric comedy) (91K)
End of a punk track (107K)
Emphatic Maxim mix (42K)
Maxim poetic lyrics (126K)
The Charabanc Trip - an unknown artist does a classic English seaside jaunt song (1.5M)
Chrome Alien Soundtracks - 2 highlights spliced together (906K)
'Pon the roa' of London where you'll find the sweeper (22K)
Hyper-rap (spot the join on this 2-minute loop - you'd never hear it) (796K)
Japan Intro from Alien - It loops like a dream (5.46M)
Please Mr DJ by Unity (Make my body move) (180K)
Loud and sweeping by DJ A-Side (38K)
My Bloody Valentine forever (30K)
Small Talk disco loop from Scritti Politti (119K)
Joyriding OGG Loop (104K)
Paul Okenfold OGG Loop (82K)
Extended Paul Okenfold OGG Loop (327K)
Music Trek OGG Loop (218K)
Valve-driven rap OGG Loop (393K)
Classic funk OGG Loop (85K)
Eminem loop OGG Loop (122K)
Gogo Rhythm OGG Loop (265K)
Gogo Rhythm Precise WAV Loop - 2nd Best rhythm ever! (3.21M)
"This is You" OGG Loop (600K)
Loop from Synths 4 (2.7M) - if you "get" the rim shot in this piece, you surely understand rhythm.
Stylish piece from Steely Dan's Aja (5.64M)
Fab disco piece from Scandinavians Garbochock (807K)
Destiny's Child gorgeous lyrical piece which can last forever (1.01M)
Living in High Society (364K)
Durutti Column is party solemn (411K)
Relentless Machine looped relentlessly (1.29M)
Equivalence loop (428K)
An MJ Yamaha special (2.39M)
Chikinki Rhythm loop (933K)
Faust piano piece loop (4.79M)
Old John Peel rhythm loop (717K)
Old Punk Scritti Politti Cost of Meaning loop (1.64M)
Joe Rogan Intro Loop (2.6M)
Chikinki Stalker loop (4.23M)
Final Jurisdiction with me singing (is that what you call it!?!) (13.6M)
Jamiroquai "What you gonna do?" loop (2.54M)
Takahashi Neuromantic loop (5.6M)
Heuristic loop (1.78M)
Another Heuristic loop (442K)
Gregory Isaacs Dub loop (1.29M)
Pink Floyd loop (11M)
This Heat loop (1.58M)
This Heat loop 2- Best rhythm ever! (3.42M)
George W. Bush and Samuel L. Jackson on a train loop (1.36M)
Dumb Waiting loop (3.15M)
An Aaargh to Joan loop (813K)
MJ Rave 7 loop (2.38M)
MJ Rave 2 loop (2.25M)
A section from Segway Out (637K)
Indojazz loop (0.99M)
The Sound of the Earth Spinning Through the Universe loop (5.73M)
Make the Floor Burn Loop (4.53M)
Frippertronics loop (803K)
Stranglers take on Muslim Call to Prayer - best adhan ever! (2.29M)
Another Frippertronics loop (6.82M)
LL Cool J is "jingling, baby" (1.08M)
Nektar refrain is absolutely fabulous! (8.61M)
Whooaaghh Loop (1.5M)
Fanfair Loop (1.24M)
Church bell loop (328K)
Disco loop (2.39M)
More Frippery (869K)
Trippy Frippy (801K)
Magma (Rock Opera) loop (990K)
Kool London long loop 2014 (12M) or Kool London short loop 2014 (2.01M)
Demarkus rave long loop (15.5M)
1989 classic house loop (5.16M)
Steve Reich Ensemble loop (8.49M)
Rave it up 1 loop (1.78M)
Rave it up 2 loop (914K)
Slow Rave loop (1.11M)
Steve Reich 6 Pianos loop (1.68M)
Precise Rave loop (4.05M)
Eerie Rave loop (8.28M)
Short Eerie Rave loop (2.06M)
Kool Rave loop (10.8M)
Fripp and Eno Index of Metals Start loop (804K)
The Internet Garden loop (15.3M)
DJ Ron Rave loop (1.8M)
True Flavas loop (2.6M)
The Fast Show loop (2.39M)
Biosphere loop (4.36M)
Bratz advert loop (7.41M)
Quick rave up (27.3K)
Wild Cherry loop (play that funky music) (382K)
Acid rave up (329K)
Depeche Mode loop (3.1M)

Using MJ Studios loop splicing techniques with Goldwave, I made these mp3 tracks (thanks to all the DJs and artists concerned) :-
Strike the Pose DJ MJ (5.95M)
Wax Doctor (3.33M)
Randall Experiment (2.73M)
Coolhand Flex Experiment (25.7M)
DJ Ron Experiment (34.5M)
Kenny Ken Experiment (32.3M)
Section of Tangerine Dream's Phaedra at 16rpm (The bass on this is heavy so watch your speakers! 5.84M)

One thing I have learnt from doing these loopable files, is that MP3 format is simply no good because they always leave a noticeable gap where the loop ends and restarts. OGG format is brilliant in that it achieves the same, if not better, compression, and it loops perfectly. The sound quality is very good too. Usually, WAV format is still too big for current internet technology. This ZIP file (317K) contains .inf and .acm files which can be installed under Windows to support OGG format in WAV files (right-click the .inf file under Explorer to install it). I like the quality of sound at 22kbps 11KHz Mono, despite that being a streamable format over a 56K modem! The compression is superb, with 1 hour taking up about 9 MBytes. Make sure that you use MODE3 or MODE3+, since these give the best results. You'll need to add a string to the registry at location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\MCI Extensions in order to play .OGG files. I added a string called ogg and set its value to MPEGVideo. This allows Windows Media Player (any version) and MJPlayer to play .OGG files.

GoldWave supports OGG format and is the best audio editor on the market.

MIDI files are also a bone of contention when it comes to looping. Cakewalk will only loop a certain number of times (has to be specified on each bar too - crap!), and Windows Media Player leaves a nasty gap as the loop ends and restarts. Check out the gap left when Windows Media Player plays one of my shorter MIDI files repeatedly (try mj5n.mid), and compare this to Evolution MIDI's handling of it.
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Fruity Loop Files

These are an assortment of FLP files produced by Fruity Loops (see Great Downloads section). I use standard samples (unless noted next to the track) so you should be able to simply open these and play them. Groove on!
Chip Pan Stomp
War Zone (Requires closevault.wav, explode.wav and gunshot.wav)
Attempt 3
Perpetual Rave Mix
Rave B 1
Rave B 4
How It Is To Be Done - Tange 4
Shine 2
Bubble 1
Signals 2
Didactic Intentions
Knub Dance
Let's start one
Hubble Telescope
Oslo Growl
Pleading for your Understanding
Tight Ass
Frenetic Majesty

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Compositions and Music CDs

We like things when they're not even there (1987)

  1. Such Absurdity (2:22)
  2. Relentless Machine (1:42)
  3. Final Jurisdiction (1:33)
  4. Hit The Floor (5:48)
  5. Howse Jack (1:13)
  6. Beach of Swing (4:26)
  7. It was Like That (8:14)
  8. This is You (1:23)
  9. An Aaargh to Joan (1:15)
  10. Zandrha Parts 1 and 2 (6:52)
  11. You had to Chime in (3:02)
  12. Dumb Waiting (0:39)
  13. Fed Up Until I Die (2:06)
  14. Whooaaghh (3:35)
  15. Unbelievable Hiding (4:16)
  16. Well Beaten (1:48)
  17. Heuristic (17:29)
  18. Licked Wet (3:21)

Total Time 71:50

Blatant Ablative (1988)

  1. Treat (11:13)
  2. Hlpo2a (4:14)
  3. Duo2 (8:41)
  4. I Hope Pride Takes On (3:09)
  5. Staged (5:14)
  6. Siren Alarm (7:12)
  7. 3 Pianos (5:06)
  8. When You're Wed - Parts 1, 2 and 3 (13:22)
  9. Experi (9:49)
  10. Cruise (2:43)

Total Time 71:01

Empowered (2002)

  1. Here We Go Part 1 (8:22)
  2. Signals (3:24)
  3. MoonShadow (3:31)
  4. Futile (3:37)
  5. Beano (3:56)
  6. Knub Dance (3:39)
  7. Here We Go Part 2 (11:39)
  8. War Zone (1:49)
  9. How it is to be Done - Tange 4 (3:56)
  10. Let's Start One (3:50)
  11. Power (8:31)
  12. Perpetual Rave Mix 1 (3:39)
  13. AntandMe (3:24)
  14. Didactic Intentions (3:39)
  15. Hubble Telescope (4:55)

Total Time 71:51

Factors (2003)

  1. Polloy (3:54)
  2. Plaby (11:57)
  3. Factory Quirks (9:24)
  4. Coreall (9:58)
  5. Dance Nightly Stomp (7:10)
  6. Pleading for your Understanding (3:42)
  7. Effort (11:53)
  8. Murder (14:52)

Total Time 72:50

Selfish Exposure (2003)

  1. Ascension (14:48)
  2. Synths3b (20:59)
  3. Higgledy (5:42)
  4. Insatiable Light (2:34)
  5. Demonic (1:00)
  6. ShipSail (8:23)
  7. Tight Ass (2:01)
  8. Submerged (1:18)
  9. Church (10:39)

Total Time 67:32

Rontgen (2004)

  1. Ventura (17:31)
  2. Frenetic Majesty (5:44)
  3. Criticise (3:22)
  4. Calculated (12:11)
  5. Music Trek (4:43)
  6. Shower Pie (14:54)
  7. Randi (4:00)

Total Time 62:25

Thought Patterns (2006)

  1. Dozen Matters (10:55)
  2. newonewith6 (5:22)
  3. Triumphant (3:53)
  4. Judicious Choice (12:45)
  5. Excuse the Impro (7:57)
  6. Funked Up (3:01)
  7. Con-sequence (6:32)
  8. Prognosis (2:35)
  9. Twingle (10:18)
  10. Sullen (4:18)

Total Time 67:41

Undaunted (2006)

  1. Weiry (17:01)
  2. Shifting (3:42)
  3. You'll Miss It (18:48)
  4. Although (18:48)
  5. Enterprise One (12:58)

Total Time 71:19

Synths 4 (1988)

  1. Synths 4 Part 1 (40:22)
  2. Synths 4 Part 2 (34:29)

Total Time 74:51

Endocrying (2007)

  1. Unless (16:49)
  2. Climbdown (16:41)
  3. Workout (18:21)
  4. Institute Instrument (21:18)

Total Time 73:07

Lost and Found

  1. Machinist (9:56) (2005)
  2. Equivalence (5:04) (1988)
  3. Together (7:46) (2005)
  4. Recursive Descent (24:00) (2007)
  5. MJ Yammy (12:17) (1993)
  6. Meanderthal (12:44) (2007)

Total Time 71:12

Framlington Gunners

  1. jhk (24:57) (2007)
  2. Record2 (6:17) (1987)
  3. Sustenance (23:17) (2007)
  4. Tryfunction (17:23) (2007)

Total Time 71:56

Lanthanum (2008)

  1. Plough On (25:13)
  2. Skank It, Don't Fight It (5:24)
  3. Yttrium (25:46)
  4. Ytterbium (17:30)

Total Time 73:53

Elemental (2008)

  1. Sandy (19:42)
  2. Hafnium (20:55)
  3. Antimony (33:33)

Total Time 74:14

Repair the Despair (2009)

  1. Alcove Eddies (31:53)
  2. Production (22:45)
  3. At Spiral Arm's Length (21:11)

Total Time 75:54

Vision Struggle (2010)

  1. Sugar (26:15)
  2. Unpolicied (16:05)
  3. Grid Gratuity (21:48)

Total Time 64:08

Constant Renewal (2010)

  1. Ape Flanged (30:01)
  2. Bravado (32:12)

Total Time 62:13

Nature's Tunes (2010)

  1. Rhodium (32:24)
  2. Blood Bid (28:19)

Total Time 60:43

Innervation (2010)

  1. United Rendition (40:36)
  2. Rotary Clubbed (28:11)

Total Time 68:47

Latest Tracks - Chronological Order (Starting 2011)

  1. Cadge Hole (20:38)
  2. Throng the Join (22:48)
  3. Segway Out (34:05)
  4. Bird Seed Anomaly (36:11)
  5. Tenor Penny (41:29)
  6. Humans are Artificial (37:23)
  7. Neanderthal Chromosome Count (45:14)
  8. Heightened Species (54:08)
  9. Passion Ache (42:50)
  10. Get High to Know (20:02)
  11. Old Factory (31:20)
  12. Carriage Multiplexer (39:35)
  13. Uncollapsible Quantum Wave (46:53)
  14. Forcefield (47:57)
  15. Ringverse (38:22)
  16. The True Cause of Our Greatness (31:48)
  17. Jubilant Jaunt (50:04)
  18. Breach Out (23:46)
  19. Short Suite (23:56)
  20. Ivory Towers (44:22)
  21. Politrough (37:16)
  22. Chrant (58:25)
  23. Untrammelled (46:34)
  24. Fanfair (48:04)
  25. Grenuit (48:12)
  26. Foot on a Submerged Balloon (54:43)
  27. Scowling (29:55)
  28. Distance Insistence (42:00)
  29. Valentine Sweet (74:44)
  30. Shelllike (39:48)
  31. Stuck Out (34:58)
  32. Chopper Class (31:36)
  33. Revisited (33:45)
  34. Extentify (28:11)
  35. Continuance (37:14)
  36. Pulse Bank (20:40)
  37. Warnmed (24:11)
  38. Collider Scope (20:08)
  39. Plunder Bus (49:05)
  40. Eye Rhea (23:08)
  41. Normalight (49:51)
  42. Whale Harp (36:00)
  43. Endencrypt (42:35)
  44. Flutter Droid (32:10)
  45. No Reason At All (35:09)
  46. Bwamplifier (37:06)
  47. Two Types of Moaning (29:47)
  48. Long Haul (19:24)
  49. Mellifluent Appeal (32:01)
  50. Universal Connectivity (46:55)
  51. Fountain of Parallels (39:40)
  52. Into Leave (35:00)
  53. Tail Away (39:48)
  54. Sensible (26:53)
  55. Reggae Riff (49:41)
  56. while inwardly, (44:06)
  57. Staggered (2:42)
  58. Edinburgh Tattoo (4:01)
  59. Saxonophy (4:35)
  60. Brutally Tender (25:52)
  61. Lonely Pair (25:06)
  62. Hey Mmh Feel (5:12)
  63. Principled (41:23)
  64. Babee (5:52)
  65. Egyptian Call (3:25)
  66. Falling (3:36)
  67. Fader_2_CCITTULAW16000 (17:45)
  68. Fader_2_CCITTULAW44100 (6:05)
  69. Exciting Pathways (31:59)
  70. Fader_2_OggVorbis22050_320kps (33:00)
  71. Tright (66:36)
  72. Fader 3 CCITTULAW44100 (16:16)
  73. Fader 11KHz A Law (32:00)
  74. Reassurance (46:03)
  75. Courage of Conviction (21:41)
  76. Redevelopment (47:27)
  77. Mysterious Jungle (3:24)
  78. Tinkle Tinker (3:04)
  79. Get What You're Given (28:39)
  80. Electrogroove (3:37)
  81. Cerebrotonia (42:16)

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